The Only Thing Growing Faster Than the Cannabis and Hemp industry, are the Profits of It’s Investors

By Donald Wilson and Jasper Shotts

There is almost as much talk about how to get into making money on cannabis and hemp, as the early stages of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Many people have shifted their stance on profiting from the cannabis and hemp industry, especially, after the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill and endorsement of legalizing cannabis nationwide, by an overwhelming amount of 2020 Presidential hopefuls.

Interestingly enough there are tons of ways to profit from the cannabis and hemp industry, from companies that provide products and services to the cannabis and hemp industry, all the way to direct invest into cannabis and hemp industry stocks.

The derivative companies surrounding the cannabis industry are also making large profits, if you look at the year to year growth of the value of KushCo Holding, Inc as seen on Yahoo finance, you can see the overall growth.  KushCo Holding Inc provides customized packaging and branding solutions for the legal cannabis industry.

According to The Motley Fool,  the recent signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, by President Donald Trump and overwhelming support from the House of Congress will have a direct opportunity for investors.

“The news generated plenty of excitement among investors hoping to profit from growth in the hemp industry. But what stocks are most likely to be winners? Three that appear to be poised for success with the U.S. legalization of hemp are Charlotte’s Web Holdings(NASDAQOTH:CWBHF), CV Sciences (NASDAQOTH:CVSI), and Canopy Growth(NYSE:CGC)”(Speights, 2018).

The farm bill removes the federal restrictions on the sale of hemp and CBD products which clears a major hurdle for these companies, payment processing systems.  The market space for these products will continue to grow as the stigma for cannabis and hemp products lessens and more places world wide legalize hemp and cannabis.  The market is projected to grow immensely over the next five years and many companies will achieve record profits for investors who are early adaptors into this industry.


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