The Fastest Growing Industry Groups in the U.S. is the Cannabis and Hemp Industry, but How Do I Get a Job, in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry?

By Donald K. Wilson and Jasper Shotts

            With the amazing recent article, by, Report: Marijuana is the Fastest Growing Job Sector in the U.S  “Legal cannabis is here to stay, and it’s quickly becoming one of the fastest rising job makers nationwide” Many are wondering how they get employment in this fast growing sector of the economy.

          How many jobs are there really in the Cannabis Industry?  For this we turned to the expert article, from, As of 2019, Legal Cannabis Has Created 211,000 Full-Time Jobs in America  ‘Legal cannabis is currently the greatest job-creation machine in America. The cannabis workforce increased 21% in 2017. It gained another 44% in 2018. We expect at least another 20% growth in jobs in 2019. That would represent a 110% growth in cannabis jobs in just three years”

          With So many jobs being created, the next question would be, where are all the new Cannabis and Hemp industry jobs?  Luckily Forbes had their amazing data journalist examine this with an amazing infographics breakdown of the job creation in, Where Marijuana Jobs Are Booming Across the U.S. [Infographics]. The data graphs show Florida added more than 9,000 jobs alone in 2018, and Nevada and Washington both added more than 7,000 each.  Colorado even still added an additional 4,595 jobs.  The jobs are not everywhere, but you must admit, that is a ton of new jobs.  For more info, I would subject reading their full article, by just clicking the link.

          Now the part you been reading for, how do I get a job in the cannabis and hemp industry?  Well in most states to work directly with cannabis you must have a qualifications or licensing.  In Colorado for instance you need to have a MED Occupational Licensing, Key Holder Badge, which is obtained from The Colorado Department of Revenue.  Each state has its own individual requirements, which can almost always be found on you States Website.  Many people are going to expect you to have developed some amount of knowledge of the industry, so be prepared to explain why you are a good fit.  When looking for a job in the cannabis industry you can apply directly to companies.  First by reaching out of social media and developing a connection and dialog, or secondly just go onto employment sites, like   Leading employment site Indeed allows users to search for jobs specifically in the cannabis industry, or even jobs that are just 420 friendly.

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