Cannabis and Hemp Terpenes and Terpene Profiles, What are They?

By Jasper Shotts and Donald K. Wilson

In both cannabis and hemp a lot of focus has been on the aromatics and taste of the profile of the strain.  Many factors are involved from nutrients use to the curing method, but the overwhelming factor that predicts taste and aromatics of the cannabis or hemp is the terpene profile.

Phenotype of the strain often dictates the genetic probability of the flavor and smell.  This is because the strains often have many different phenotypes, this is the equivalent of genetic expression.  This often impacts the yield, quality, taste, and even aromatics of a strain.  So the importance of strain and phenotype is very important in achieving the desired outcome, when it comes to quality, taste, and flavor.  

What is a terpene?  Well that’s a great question. Terpenes are organic phenol compounds that dictate most of the smell and flavor of an item, they are naturally found in everything from a rose to the high quality cannabis and hemp you love so much.   The environment the plant is grown in will influence the production of aromatic compounds within the plant.

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