Why Size matters

Written by Jasper E. Shotts


Size matters.  Specifically, the size of the container you are using to grow plants will correlate to the amount of fruits you get out.  Why is that?  Well, the soil holds all the water and nutrients that the plant is going to get.  The smaller the container, the smaller the plant.  The roots support the growth of the plant and they need room to do what they do best.  There is also the risk of localized environments and toxic salt build ups with tiny containers.  Larger containers give you a buffer so you can make small measurement errors in regards to fertilizers.  Healthy soil contains a plethora of microbes and mycorrhizals.  The mycorrhizal form a symbiotic relationship with your roots increasing the nutrient uptake; nutrient uptake is still limited to the surface area of the roots.  Microbes are responsible for transmuting the nutrients in the soil into usable forms for the plant.  For example, most plants can’t fixate nitrogen directly from the atmosphere as it is in the form ; instead, the plants utilize it once it is in the form .


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