420 Vanilla Butter Cream Mint

420 Vanilla Butter Cream Mint
The following recipe can be made with or without Cannabis butter depending on your preference. If you choose to use Cannabis butter to make this recipe, understand it is meant to be consumed in legal states, by responsible adult. You should never drive or operate machinery or vehicle while under the effect of anything that may impair judgment.
Prep Time Making Candies Air Dry Time Total Time
15 minutes 20 minutes 12 hour 12 hours 45 minutes
Pieces of candy 90-100 Servings size 1-2, but may vary by preference
4 cup powdered confection sugar
½ cup of softened pot butter, or normal butter if desired
½ Tea spoon of salt
3 Table spoons heavy whipping cream
1 Tea spoon of Mexican vanilla, fake vanilla if that’s all you have
1 Tea spoon mint extract
½ Tea spoon Food coloring, usually green

To make 420 Vanilla Butter Mint Cream candies you will need the ingredients above, a mixer or mixing bowl, mint molds or a cookie gun, a silicon baking spatula, and some parchment paper.

Place sugar, salt, and the butter in the mixing bowl and mix. Then ready while mixing add the liquid ingredients starting with the heavy whipping cream, then vanilla, mint, and food coloring. The mix will change to a play-doh like texture, this is the perfect time to add it to candy molds, or into your cookie gun. Simply fill molds chill and pop them out on parchment paper to dry, or if using a gun make long ropes of less than ¼ inch thickness on the parchment paper. Then cut the ropes in 1” pieces. In both cases they can be eaten immediately but are best if left to dry and harden for twelve hours. These are good for up to a month.


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