Top Strains 2020

Top Strains 2020

By Jasper Shotts and Donald Wilson

The 2020 grow year is rapidly approaching and as you are gearing up for this growing season, wondering what  are some of the top strains for 2020. Green Magi Labs queried growers, researched, and asked on social media to figure out what the top strains are to grow in 2020.

(Jinxproof Genetics, Instagram, 9lb hammer)

Nine pound hammer (Jinx Proof Genetics) from jinxproof genetics produces extremely resinous buds.  Perfect for the indica lover at 80% indica with a fruity taste and a high yield.  9 lb hammer is the result of a three way cross between Gooberry, Jack the Ripper and Hells OG. Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup best indica strain this strain is sure to not disappoint.

Willie Nelson (Dutch Seed Shop) is a Sativa dominant strain named for the famous musician after he, as the story goes, tried it and then bought the entire crop.  This strain is descended from Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese and won Best Sativa at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005.

(Green House Seed Co., Super Lemon Haze, Feminized)

Super Lemon Haze (Green House Seeds), an oldie but a goodie.  An amazing sativa with a citrusy smell and sweet taste.  Super lemon haze parents are Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk and boasts multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards including: 1st High Times Cannabis Cup 2008, 1st High Times Cannabis Cup 2009 and 2nd High Times Cannabis Cup 2010.

Every year we recommend Pineapple Chunk from Barney’s Farm and this year is no exception.  But we are also impressed by Shiskaberry.  Shiskaberry boasts a beautiful berry scent and an earthy taste with some spicy notes.  Bred from Blueberry and Afghan, Shiskaberry is a 100% indica that is mold resistant though it prefers a dryer climate.

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