Start Time

Is it too early to start preparing for your next garden?


By Jasper Shotts


It is never too early to start garden work.  Snow covered days does not lend one to think on the garden normally; but the time is ripe to be planning the next growing cycle.  The first question is what do I want to grow, followed by what strain or type.  Plants, like people, do not all get along while competing for resources.  Consider the main plants you plan to grow; consult a companion-growing guide such as burpee’s, to find out which plants are synergistic.


Secondly, consider the quality of your soil, as soil quality has a direct effect on results.  Obtain a cheap or easy test from the local extension or garden store; there is no need to get an expensive test performed.  PH is important, grow plants that do well in your soil or amend it to grow what you want.  Coffee grounds will acidify your soil and wood ash or lime will raise your pH.


The serious gardener is checking and doing maintenance on their indoor lights, knowing the time to germinate seeds is closing in.  The larger the plant is when the last frost breaks, the larger it gets the rest of the season.  Plants only grow so fast, even in optimal conditions.  Indoor lighting gives your plants the edge; the larger plant absorbs more light and grows faster than a seedling.  Grab an early start if you want huge plants with truly massive flowers, blooms, fruits or buds.