Top Cannabis Picks for 2019

By Jasper Shotts and Donald Wilson

It’s 2019 and many of you are probably gearing up for the grow year, and wondering, what are the top pick strains to grow this year.  Well Green Magi Labs has interviewed growers, asked our followers on social media, and researched strains, to help you be in the know of the top strains to grow for 2019.

Purple Kush, from Cropking Seeds (  produce a very distinct Bud, or flower bloom.  The bud is purple, large and dense.  The Purple Kush is not the heaviest producer yield wise, but it easily makes that up in quality.  The Purple Kush flavor notes of a sharp citric, with natural clean, musky earthen taste.  An indica lovers’ dream, Purple Kush is an amazing indica dominant strain coming in at 75% indica.   An oldie that doesn’t disappoint.  One of the most aromatic Indica dominant strains, extremely pungent with a musky, earthen smell.  Purple Kush forms dense nugs with orange and white hairs and distinctive purpling.  Nugs are frosty with trichomes with a thick, musky smoke that mellows for an amazing relaxation effect.  Cropking seeds lists Purple Kush as a strain of medium difficulty to grow but the rewards are worth the challenge.

One of the top oldies making a comeback as a strain is the famous Lambs Bread.  Lamb’s Bread, also known as Lamb’s Breath was made famous when Bob Marley indicated it was his favorite cannabis to smoke. Lambs Bread is enshrined in cannabis culture as a once in a lifetime smoke.  Lamb’s Bread, Jamaican sativa that describes as a stress relieving, energy giving, introspective high, with a woody, pungent, earth flavor profile.  Lamb’s Breath is rare and hard to find, but worth growing, because of the amazing experience, quality of the herbage, and huge demand. 

Jelly Breath, a mind boggling 90% indica dominant strain, bred by inhouse genetics ( . Super dense bud coated in glorious crystallin happiness, with orange hairs makes Jelly Breath a site to behold.  Jelly breath is bred from mendo breath and the much love strain do-si-dos contributing to a berry flavor scent profile.

Shaman, from Dutch passion seed company, is a sativa dominant strain you might not know about, but you don’t want to miss the chance to try it.  Shaman is known for turning a beautiful shade of purple, while breaking up to reveal a sugar like crystal lined interior, when grown correctly.  Shaman makes an amazing choice for the outdoor grower due to shaman resistance to mold and bud rot ( .  Shaman forms a beautiful, giant purple cola and has a reasonable yield.  Shaman was bred from purple #1 and a skunk plant.

According to the number one strain for 2019 is Godfather OG.  “The Don”, fitting name for such a dank bud, with a grape, skunky flavor.  Godfather OG, powerful Indica, tests as high as 28% THC making it an amazing recreational and medicinal strain.  Winner of multiple awards including the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles ( and Best Indica in 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup according to  Don’t miss the chance to try this amazing strain if you get the chance.

In addition to the amazing new strains mentioned above, one of the most talked about golden oldies this year is the amazing Pineapple Chunk Barney’s Farm.  According to Leafy, one of the most trusted sources for Cannabis information, Pineapple Chunk effects are relaxed, uplifting, happy, euphoric, and tingly, along with being mold and disease (, 2019).   As anyone with experience with Pineapple Chunk can tell you, it is an amazing plant with excellent yield.  When watching Pineapple Chunk flower, it has an amazing bloom, or bud cola that forms.  The Bud, or nugget from the flower of the Pineapple Chunk is impressively dense.  When smoked, it provides a think wafting pull of fully bodied, pure, pungent earthiness, and citric bliss.  Pineapple Chunk is one of the top picks for outdoor growers, seeking amazing results.

Grape walker Kush, an autoflower, is a newer strain developed by Mephisto Genetics.  It is bred from skywalker and grape crinkle and has a reasonable yield for an autoflower.  Autoflowers are different than regular cannabis plants in that they bud based on number of days, instead of a change in the light cycle.  This makes autoflowers not a good choice for cloning.  It is done in about seventy days and yields three to four ounces, making this a great choice to fill in your grow with an early finisher.  Aroma and flavor are musky and reminiscent of grapes (

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