Is Growing My Own Cannabis Right for Me? Likely Yes!

By Donald K. Wilson and Jasper Shotts

     If you are a cannabis consumer and live in a legal state, you have probably noticed the overall cost to obtain quality cannabis products.  In many of the states where they have decriminalized or outright legalized consumption of cannabis for recreational, or medical use, they have an option to grow your own.  In some cases, it is as easy as staying in the plant count designated by the state, in other cases the state has a licensing system for medical growers, either way it is important to stay within the law.

     Growing cannabis is not just to impress the ladies, it takes a desire to learn and improve. Top shelf cannabis is like a fine wine, it requires a masterfully skilled hand and the proper inputs.  Like fine wine the highest quality cannabis products, like cannabis caviar costs $150 a gram.  The costs often exclude many consumers from access, but not if you grow your own.  Just like with hobby beer and wine making, as you learn the craft, it gets better and better.  Soon after starting you can be enjoying your own homegrown craft cannabis, and we all recognize micro brews as higher quality than the industrial options.

     The reality is if you consume cannabis products, you can grow your own.  You can have control over what chemicals you are putting into your grow, and there for consuming.  You can for a small amount of money begin the journey to a master grower, or you can choose to just continue to pay what someone else wants, for cannabis they grow however they choose.

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