Top strain selections for 2018 for growing enthusiasts and professionals

By: Jasper E. Shotts

As summer and the outdoor grow season approach, we decided to provide you some needed information on the best seeds and strains for this year. To create this article, we researched dozens of online seed providers and spoke to grow industry experts from California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. This allowed us to assemble a list of classic all-stars, grower’s picks, expert cannabis industry strain picks, and insider grow industry tricks. This should help you get a head start with the right quality strains to maximize your grow experience.

For Classic All-stars we looked over dozens of sites to find you providers of these amazing choices. Maui Wowie is one of the most deliciously fruity flavors sought after by weed connoisseurs. This Hawaiian Sativa is a good yielder with 400 g/m^2. We found two retailers that carry this strain Nirvana ( and Dutch Seed Shop ( AK-47 is known for it’s odd flavor that hints of pine and is extremely potent. Seeds can be found at Royal Queen Seeds ( and Dutch Seeds Shop ( Northern Light may be the most acclaimed strain of all time and seeds are found at and Royal Queen Seeds ( Durban Poison is thick, pungent and powerful. What’s not to like? Found at Dutch Passion ( Blue Berry is considered one of the best smokes despite it’s lower yields. Which became famous after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. Blueberry the weed strain is one of the one your grow for personal. Luckily we found two seed supplier for Blueberry seeds, both I love Growing Marijuana ( and Crop King Seeds (

Growers across board had their favorite, but some came up more than once and for many reasons. Blue Dream is desired because of its fruity taste and extreme yield, Nirvana ( was one of the trusted suppliers we found carrying this amazing strain. At the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup one of the clear shining strains was Original Dampkring Blackberry Bliss, created by Sub Rosa Gardens, which we found their seeds purchasable from (

We were able to contact noted Oregon cannabis industry expert Jon Russell of GreenSea Distribution ( and #AstonerinPNWonderland Magazine ( Jon’s recommendations were strains we had not heard about before from the growers in Colorado or California. Jon’s picks were Salmon River OG know for its amazing colors and dense buds, from Dynasty Genetics ( Honey Badger Haze, also from Dynasty Genetics ( is know for its strong aromatic odors and sweet essence. Lemon Meringue from Exotic Genetix ( is a mix of Lemon Skunk and Cookies & Cream, and known to have an aroma of Lemon Meringue Pie. Jon’s top recommendation for weed strains for this year is Fuel Can, from Hells Canyon Genetics ( We were very glad Jon suggested this genetics producer, as we found they had an amazing variety of high quality marijuana strains on their site.

Some of the interesting things we found going on in the grow industry was people making large amount of money with ordering high quality strains and operating as a clone broker and the use of auto blooms in outdoor grows to maximize production. First it turns out some growers have started ordering high quality strains, then operating cloners able to produce 20+ clones per 15. The cloners then sell these high-quality strain clones for prices ranging for as little as ten dollars for a small clone to hundreds of dollars for a more developed clone plant. The next things we noticed was the use of auto flowers by growers to beat the rest of the growers to market. The auto flowers produce less but are done early enough to clear room for the non autoflowed strains, allowing for increased production.

For these reasons we thought we should provide you our top picks for auto blooms. Northern Lights and Royal Cheese are amazing smokes, and can booth be found at Royal Queen Seeds ( You can get a delicious Plush Berry auto flower from Dutch Seeds Shop (, which is a combination of Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen.

We hope we these seed selections and Green Magi Labs amazing fertilizer you have your greatest grow year yet.

Produced by Green Magi Labs Inc.