Top Stocks to Make Money from Legal Cannabis 2020

By Jasper Shotts and Donald Wilson

With the stock market being down and the legalization of cannabis going strong, many consumers and investors are wanting to know, how can I get involved in making money off of cannabis.  This truth is as simple as investing, but still involves risk, with all investment there is risk of loss of all or part of your investment, so we have looked over what options you have to try to find you the very best stocks.

We attempted to find good value stocks giving you a variety of diversity in involvement in the growing cannabis consumer market.  The safest bet often in any industry is a composite ETF of that industry.  For the cannabis industry ETFMG Alternative Harvest (MJ) is just that, according to robinhood stock trading platform “MJ tracks a market-cap-weighted index of global firms engaged in the legal cultivation, production, marketing or distribution of cannabis, cannabinoids or tobacco products.”  This might be the safest investment involving the overall cannabis industry.  

According to OrganiGram (OGI) they are a producer of high quality cannabis and cannabis oils for medical and recreational use.  OrganiGram looks to be a great value buy for medium and long term holding.  

Tilray (TLRY) which is involved in medical cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution channels, according to  They have been beat down and have seen diminishing returns, this damaged stock would be a great value if they are able to recover and get back on track. 

Aphria (APHA) which according to Robinhood stock trading platform “Aphria, Inc. engages in the production and supply of medical cannabis. It operates through the following segments: Cannabis Operations, Distribution Operations, and Business Under Development. The Cannabis Operations segment produces, distributes, and sells both medical and adult-use cannabis. The Distribution Operations segment are carried out through its wholly owned subsidiaries ABP, FL Group, and CC Pharma. The Distribution Under Development segment includes operations in which the firm has not received final licensing or has not commenced commercial sales from operations”.  If Aphria receives final licensing, it is easy to see how they will rise dramatically providing huge profits for its investors.  

The Motley Fool highly suggests Shopify (SHOP), which is being used in the commerce of cannabis, but we are a little reluctant on a full endorsement, it is a great option for a diversification of cannabis investment though.  Other amazing options were covered in Investopedia, we would heavily suggest looking at the great information they had to provide.

Investing involves inherent risk and uncertainty.

Article produced by Green Magi Labs