2020 Grow Season: Spring Arrives

By Jasper Shotts and Donald Wilson

Spring is finally here and the beginning of the 2020 grow year.  The sun is shining bright and mother nature’s plants are starting to vibrantly green up.  Flowers will soon be budding and forming beautiful blossoms.

Soon annuals will need to be sprouted and planted, perennials will start showing signs of regrowth, and sending out new shoots. Amazing gardens and landscapes will be created. 

Gardens will soon start sprouting blooms, and ripe fruits and vegetables will begin to flow in abundance.  Many of you will be growing amazing strains of cannabis this year over the summer providing a backyard cornucopia of delights.
We here at Green Magi Labs hope no matter what else you do this summer, you garden.  We hope you have an abundance of food and all good things including cannabis. We hope your garden gives you an amazing view and provides you magnificent fruit and healthy nutritious vegetables.  We also hope you have amazing yield, the dankest and most potent grow you have ever had.  

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