You’re not getting what you should when growing in soil,if you don’t have live soil from Mycorrhizals

You’re not getting what you should when growing in soil,if you don’t have live soil from Mycorrhizals
By:Jasper E. Shotts and Donald K. Wilson

Mycorrhizals are unseen champions for the soil gardener wishing to get the most out of his garden when it comes to yield and quality.. Evidence suggests the relationship between mycorrhizae,the living soil, and plant root systems goes back millions of years and aided in plants early adaptation to land; this was before plants had complex root systems. “Approximately 90% of all vascular land plants live in some association with mycorrhizal fungi.”1 These amazing powerhouses of agriculture do so much for the normal garden plants and cannabis, once the established mycorrhizal colony starts working its miracles.

Mycorrhizals attach to the roots, or in some cases extend into the root itself, increases the overall surface area that the root “touches”. This extra surface area gives access to more nutrients and water, the building blocks of the plant. The hyphae of mycorrhizals, which are kinda like the root of the mycorrhizal, are much smaller than roots and so can get into “nooks” and “crannies” that a root is too big to access. The symbiosis of the mycorrhizals is one which has been developed over millions of years, and one that should not be ignored if you want to provide the most advantages to your plants.

Mycorrhizals increase the availability of nutrients that are typically “locked” in the soil in unusable forms such as phosphorus, which is one of the big three macronutrients, which is used in large amounts due to its importance in a variety of biochemical pathways as well as being a piece of ATP. Mycorrhizals can manufacture and release organic acids into the soil which interacts with insoluble phosphorus and transforms it into a usable form. The organic acids can also interact with minerals and act as a chelating agent binding metal ions, which allows them to be up taken and transported into the plant. You as an informed grower understand that mycorrhizals are essential for maximizing results of soil gardens and cannabis grown in soil medium.

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