Growing Into Retirement; How Increasing Numbers of Retirees are subsidizing their lifestyles and getting rich, by Capitalizing on the Legal Marijuana Industry

Written in Collaboration by: Donald K.Wilson and Jasper E. Shotts

     The cannabis industry is growing, and not just within traditional groups.  Shockingly more and more senior citizens and retirees are getting in on the weed and canna industry.  Seniors are overcoming the years of being convinced of the evils of marijuana, and seem to be starting to embrace its perceived benefits, for them and their lifestyle.  As a growing number of reports like ‘Why not me?’ Great-grandmas in New Jersey are getting on board with medical marijuana., from the Inquirer Daily News, by Jan Hefler, explain in detail the slow shift in momentum.


     Senior citizens and retired people we found are not only slowly shifting as end users, but are becoming an increasing part of the canna industry.  Often retired people are able to maintain a medical card allowing them a set plant count for legal growing of cannabis, couple this with the fix income and bam, you get opportunity.  Often retirees have a spare room in the home from kids moving away, couple that with spare time, a little bit of gardening skill, and you often have everything needed to get started growing.  


     We were able to speak to a group of cannabis caregivers and were very surprised, by our takeaway.  Many of the caregivers were retired, growing for themselves and close friends. Some were caregiving for loved one’s who were going through hospice care.  The one thing that was across the board, was growing to avoid the increasing high cost of legally available cannabis. Most of them chose to grow for friends and themselves to secure a safe, reliable, and cost effective access to marijuana.  Some of the growers took their hobby of growing and turned it into business, as the legal side expanded. Now an increasing number of people over the age of 65 are working and doing business in the cannabis industry, this includes grower, bud tenders, growshop owners, canna industry experts, and even dispensary owners.


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