Where to Get Your Army of Insects to Protect Your Plants and Garden

By Jasper Shotts and Donald K. Wilson

We recently wrote an article on the amazing beneficial predatory Insects that can protect your plants and garden.  Many of our readers contacted us to find out where they can get Ladybugs, Praying Mantises, Hypoaspis Miles and even Green Lacy Wings.

Lady Bags are amazing at protecting your garden from a host of insect threats, such as Aphids.  You can acquire them at some local gardening shops, make sure to call in advance, because ladybugs, also known as Ladybirds, are often in high demand.  You can also order Ladybugs over the internet from Natures Good Guys and Arbico Organics

Praying Mantises impressive appetite for a wide range of detrimental insects make them an ideal partner for the garden.  Find them in your local nursery or gardening store.  Mantises can be in high demand and often sell out of local stores.  They can also be found online  at Natures Good Guys and Arbico Organics.

Hypoaspis Miles help rid you of Fungus Gnats and thrips.  Both pests are an annoyance in the garden, diminishing your plant’s ability to be the best it can. Find these online at Natures Good Guys and Arbico Organics as it may be hard to find them in your local nursery or gardening stores.

Green Lacy Wings are an impressive addition to your garden.  The larvae are predatory, which requires a constant reproductive or reintroduction cycle, to mites, aphids and thrips.  Finding these in your local nurseries can be challenging so go online to Natures Good Guys and Arbico Organics.

When it comes to protecting your garden from predators it is alway best to do it as naturally as possible, we hope the above information and links help you to keep your garden, cannabis or hemp grow safe from threat of damage.

Article Produced by Green Magi Labs.