What Do I Need To Grow Hemp

By Donald K. Wilson

As the high growth of the hemp industry surges around the world, many perceptive individuals are asking themselves, how can I get into growing hemp?  The large amounts of money make this question a great one to ask, but it is actually a series of questions. First the Farm Bill that legalized hemp defined it as cannabis plants containing less than 0.03% THC, which if you look at recreational cannabis strains, this does not include them, as the lowest conventional cannabis strains contain 0.03%, but not less.  As you can see getting involved in growing hemp, it is not the exact same this as cannabis in the weed industry.

Why grow hemp?  Well CBD has become a large moneymaker; CBD has consumer and medical applications.  Hemp textiles from industrial hemp have large international acceptance and many applications.  

Hemp, as defined under the farm act must contain less than 0.03 THC; accomplished in two ways.  First, there are strains of industrial hemp blends, Ruteralis is one type of low THC group, the most accepted legally for industrial hemp.  The other method is where “hemp growers” grow cannabis, with the intent to harvest before THC levels increase over the 0.03% THC threshold.

To legally grow hemp, you will need in most states obtain licensing directly from the state, if you state has no pathway provided at this time, under the Farm Act, you can go through the pathway provided by the USDA, which they have a pathway for legal industrial farming of hemp.

Here is a link to the USDA for more info:


You will also need land, high quality nutrients, and seeds.  For an industrial hemp operation, you will need either a warehouse, with great ventilation, or a large piece of land away from town.  In either case controllability of access and security are of the essence, for safety. Many companies make Soil and blends of nutrients hemp, for soil I recommend Rogue Soil, and for fertilizer I, of course, recommend Green Magi Labs fertilizer line.  Now to get seed you may have a connection, which if they stand behind and know data on the seeds, that is great. Now for everyone else I have put together a list of links for known hemp seed resources, hemp seeds companies, and hemp seed brokers:

Hemp Logic https://www.hemplogicusa.com/certifiedhempseed

i49 https://i49.net/hemp-seeds-for-sale-online-267831/

Mountain Grades https://mountaingrades.com/canna-shop/cannabis-plants/hemp-seeds/

Westword https://www.westword.com/marijuana/colorado-company-produces-first-american-bred-certified-hemp-seed-9890789

National Hemp Association https://nationalhempassociation.org/tag/certified-hemp-seed/

You can even find hemp seeds for sale on Amazon, so armed with these resources; you should now have your seed stock.

Make sure you look into all the local restrictions and always stay compliant, also remember to be respectful of the community you live in and to represent the hemp growing community in a positive light.

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