Germinating Cannabis/Hemp Seeds

By Jasper Shotts

Germinating your cannabis or hemp seeds starts the plant’s journey to the amazing fruit so many of us love and enjoy.  Germination is the process of initiating a sproutling from a little seed. Germinating your own seeds is simple, easy, and requires almost no resources.  You as a consumer should control your food, hemp and cannabis by germinating and growing your own plants. Everything that the plant gets you know about it and it is as organic and healthy as you want it to be. The process is simple, get a seed to take up water and push out a root.

First, make sure you have a fully mature seed of a great strain from a reputable source, some companies have higher success rates, and almost all reputable companies have online reviews..  Mature seeds have dark flecking, while immature seeds are often white or green. Placing the seeds in the freezer for a couple of days before “popping” them will break the cannabis seed dormancy, a process known as stratification.  Find your favorite method, such as a shot glass of pure water or moist paper towels

The simplest method involves a simple clean pure water and shot glass or shallow container.  Simply place the seeds in a shot glass or other small container of pure water, many people choose to cover the seed at this point to protect the root from sunlight.

           Many of us remember mom or a grandparent starting seeds in a paper towel, this method is equally simple.  Moisten two paper towels to the point where they are moist but not super saturated. Leafly suggested placing the paper towels between two plates, flipping one plate upside down and placing it on the other. (

Hemp and cannabis seeds absorb water, during a process known as imbibing, swelling occurs until the seed ruptures, cracks, and releases a radical root. The embryonic root that emerges, the radical root, roots in the medium it is in and establishes the plant. Next, the stem grows up exposing the first batch of leaves, cotyledon leaves.  Congratulations, you are past the germination stage now and have a happy little seedling growing.

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